Jack Priolo  Senior Designer, Project Manager

An indispensable part of the firm for 21 years, Jack helped establish and evolve the level of design we're known for. With a background encompassing fine art, engineering, interior design, and architecture, he has been instrumental in sculpting our easily-recognized aesthetic. Working primarily by pen and marker, Jack's soulful hand-drawings capture and translate the spirit of a house in a way that computer-generated documents rarely can. This analog approach not only facilitates design by feel, an increasingly lost art, but enables the firm to vividly and accurately express proposed design concepts. His dedication to the craft of architecture is unmatched. Outside the office, Jack does pro bono work for schools and other non-profits.

Victor Enrile   Designer, Chief Draftsperson, Project Manager

With a meticulous nature and fluent command of computer drafting, Victor's plan drawings provide the detailed nuts and bolts for the firm's architecture. His knowledge of traditional and contemporary style is complimented by relentless research into modern methods and materials. This, and a highly collaborative spirit, make Victor indispensable in pushing our design language while maximizing efficiency. As a project manager who's both detail oriented and personable, clients find their input easily expressed. Outside his 15 years with the firm, Victors passions include sketching, oil painting, and designing elaborate wall murals.